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i wonder why Americans call it cruel?

This sport remind me so much of the Octagon fighting no holds barred fighting which Americans call UFC.. only humans get to maim each other not roosters..


Amphetamines, huh? That must be where all the 'fierceness' come from. Great, colorful images, Sydney!


I completely agree with what pieterbie and ces said.


Great colour in the top shot.

Dave Mac

I had no idea how much was involved with this "sport". It is so savage.


they look fierce


I didn't know that they don't have sweat glands!


rooster got haircut:-P beautiful closed up shots...colors and composition r fantastic:-)))


This is a fascinating series...


An amazing procedure to produce a fighter. Great photos.


Very nice photos ... and quite informative ... So much around we hardly know about.... and then some take the trouble of putting such informations into neat texts with impressive photos. Very well done.


a fascinating insight into this world - i would have never considered the things you've just told us about!


L'homme a tendance à considerer les animaux comme des objets .
Mais ...en regardant ce regard du coq , on voit la fierté , la personnalité de cet animal , la même que celle de l'homme !!!

Chris Vallancourt

Another interesting and informative series, Sidney. It's amazing how ingrained cockfighting is in the culture.


so that's the reason why... thanks for sharing... :)


Hello :) Thanks Sidney for dropping by my blog. I've 'transferred' to wordpress, if you'd like to visit, please do :) And thanks for voting for me :) Great pictures and info about sabong. In Baguio, particularly Irisan, cockfighting is very popular. I believe it is also popular in other Benguet provinces and in La Union.

Al Bjørnstad

Very nice images and informative too.

I am not for cock fighting or horse fighting and everything that goes with it --- especially the gambling part.


i really learn a lot from your site :)


Hi Sidney. I wasn't been there for a while. I want to thanks you for visiting my blog again, after my two months of break.
I've to say i'm happy to come here to discover some great subjects of society. I'm taking some time to read all of your comments about geant advertising and this one about cockfighting .
We don't know this, in France.
The life there is so different as ours. Your series are really enthusiastic. Thanks for sharing Sidney.


Nice portraits of these fighters.

p.s.: Can I give your email to my sister in the US? She's gonna inquire on some of your photos for their use. Thanks!


I didn't know about the cutting of the comb and the drugging. Isn't that considered animal abuse?


astig!!! ah, you continue to amaze me Sydney. my dad will love this series of yours. he's a sabong addict. i am quite familiar with dubbing (pagtatanggal ng palong) because i watch my dad does that. and his cocks have vitamins especially to invigorate them during their fights.

19 Seconds Of Spring

The second capture is great... Nice framing, beautiful tones!


I knew the images wouldn't affect me, but reading your account of how they're groomed for combat actually leaves me disturbed. To what extent are we as humans willing to go to achieve our aims?


Look funny without all it's habitual attributes.

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